Howdy, Farmer!

3000 farmers building a farm themed p2e game on Polygon, leveraging all the potential for memes, LP farming, tokenomics and game theory design, all built into a fun metaverse game.

Honest Farmer


Welcome to the Honest Farmer Club

The Howdy Games

The most honest adventure of your life

Since the beginning of time, the farm has been a place of honest work and making frens. Smol and big farmers join together to complete the toughest challenges across the blockchains. They survived the gas wars on Ethereum, making them strong & experienced, and live a happy life. But every farmer has to do his honest work! He wants to make his frens proud at the end of the day!

So they decided to found a farm. The farm is a group of honest boys and girls, consisting of the high committee of the ancient farmers. The farm is a place where the farmers can discuss the next adventures of the farm, and together with their frens complete even wilder quests, looting dungeon after dungeon, one at a time.

The farm is a location where everyone finds his place. They spend their time farming across the metaverse, harvest the finest potatoes, and watch their frens participating in the Howdy Games, to acquire fame and fortune.

200+ On-Chain Traits


The good old team

Once upon a time, some adventurous farmers decided to build a DAO, whose mission was to farm the finest rewards across the good old metaverse.

Honest Partners

We are very thankful for the friends we found since we started this journey! Here are some of the best, take a look at their projects, they all do amazing stuff!


Chapter 1

Q4 '21

Stake your farmer to farm our $POTATO token rewards every day! What utility could this token have later on? Maybe it can be used in the legendary Howdy Games?

  • Releasing the Whitepaper for the Howdy Games + $POTATO
  • 3000 honest blockchain farmers
  • Stake your farmer to earn $POTATO

Chapter 2

Q1 '22

We are officially launching The Howdy Games! Farmers can now enter a farm themed play-to-earn metaverse.

On top of the farming game, there will also be different game modes featuring a huge prize pool. This pool will be filled up with parts of our royalties. You will also be able to bet and win $POTATO as well.

  • 80,000 MATIC goes into the treasury, e.g. for future prizes, development of „The Howdy Games“ & to provide liquidity for $POTATO
  • The Howdy Games launch with an initial prize pool of 40,000 MATIC, and can be won by completing different challenges
  • Farm apples, carrots and tuna. Further assets will help you complete challenges and earn more $POTATO
  • Animals coming to the farm. Each animal can be breeded by burning different assets and $POTATO. Each animal is limited and will give unique utility to your farmer
  • FARM GIRLS coming to the farm. You can buy a wedding ring with $POTATO to marry your wife. Farmer Girls will give your farmer a bigger $POTATO boost.
  • The Arena is coming! Let your chicken fight or bet $POTATO on your favorite.

Chapter 3

Q2 '22

Releasing new characters, game modes, and land. Prepare yourselves to becoming the most profitable landlord out there.

  • Race Track & Meadow are coming to the farm. 2 more exclusive game modes for pigs & cows
  • In-game marketplace where you can buy/sell your farmer, animals and other assets
  • Farm Estate, a real estate agency where you can buy, sell or even rent out your own land

Mint Process

Join the Farm


Join the Farm. Help us grow honestly and participate in our community, activity giveaways & more!

As an early member, as well as in weekly challenges, you can earn valuable whitelist spots. There will also be exclusive giveaways for our OG community!



We will donate $25,000 to an organization of your choice. Stay tuned for further announcements and tell us if you have some good ideas for this!

Potato Token


A total of 40,000 MATIC well be used to provide the initial liquidity for $POTATO.

Howdy Games Treasury


Another 40,000 MATIC will be set apart for the Howdy Games, which is used for business development, different prizes and to incentivize user activity through rewards.

Further on, the prize pool will be filled up with parts of the royalties, as well as $POTATO. Check the roadmap and stay tuned for more announcements!



The Farmers metadata will be assigned , using a verifiable random process, powered by the Chainlink oracle VRF.

All mechanics will work in a trustless way, and do not allow any manipulation by the team. This phase will also unlock all further giveaways and features. Be sure to check our roadmap below to see all the exciting things we have planned for our honest farmers!

UPDATE: We have added a new feature to the RevealFarmer, which results in reveals being done in "daily" batches.